Curious about me?

Professional Raquel

I'm a freelance editor and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. I have a passion for creating beautiful and engaging videos. I've been filming and editing for the last 9 years. I found my passion for filmmaking when working on a docu-drama I co-produced about how my grandparents met called "John Loves Mary." Since then I've spent my days filming and editing videos for special events, non-profit organizations, an online cooking school, real estate agents, musicians, dancers, and many more!


Real Life Raquel

In my free time you can find me hanging out with my little dog, a Bichon-Frise/Chihuahua named Osito. We have a lot in common; we’re smart but a little ditzy and constantly hungry. I dare anyone to get me to stop eating carbs. I mean it... I may have a problem.

Check out my reel below!